Cascine Park

Biagio Guccione

If Boboli is the garden that reminds us of the splendour of the Medici family, Parco delle Cascine brings to mind the Lorraine dynasty. The first recorded date regarding the “Cascine dell’Isola” estate is 1536, the year in which Alessandro dei Medici bought it and first started improving this once swampy area with the creation of the central avenue that still crosses it, initially called Viale dei Pini. But it was Cosimo I who promoted the first true intervention of reclamation.

In 1765 Gran Duke Peter Leopold of Lorraine arrived in Florence. He intended to make the Cascine a symbol of his image of illuminated sovereign, often opening the park to be used by the public. The story goes that one day the Gran Duke was crossing the park on its main avenue when he was hit by a pine cone and, annoyed, had all the pine trees cut down and substituted with mulberry trees. Apart from this extravagance, Peter Leopold made efforts to improve the property by summoning the architect Gaspero Paoletti and his pupil Giuseppe Manetti to take care of the park and build many architectural works. 

With the unification of Italy and Florence as its capital in 1866, the Cascine became municipal property and the then mayor De Cambray Digny inserted the Giardino della Catena, while Poggi redesigned the square dedicated to Vittorio Emanuele II at the head of the park.

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Piazzale delle Cascine, Florence

  • always open

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