The Italian Horticultural Society Garden/Orti del Parnaso

Anna Lambertini

In a two-acre field in the area of Pellegrino at the start of Via Bolognese, an experimental horticultural garden was begun in 1858 by the Tuscan Horticulture Society.
In addition to its own ornamental and agricultural plants, the garden hosted international and national agricultural and flower exhibitions. 

Attilio Pucci, at the time head gardener of the Natural Science Museum’s Botanical Garden in Boboli, contributed to the design. The current design, however, is the result of various twentieth century designs (from the ‘30s, 50s and recently) carried out to convert the garden into a public space.
The spectacular Neo-Moorish iron, glass and cast iron greenhouse adorning the garden was designed by Giacomo Roster in 1878 as a Tepidarium for tropical plants. 

The triple-arched loggia, which recalls the Vasarian Loggia del Pesce and is today in the middle of a lawn with trees, was constructed for the International Flower Exhibition of 1911 that was organized for the anniversary of Italian Unification.

Timetable and address

Via Vittorio Emanuele II, 4, Florence
Via Bolognese, 17,Florence

  • everyday 8.30 AM – 7 PM

Events in the gardens

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