The Park of Villa Fabbricotti

Emanuela Morelli

In 1864 the Fabbricotti family, originally from Carrara, bought the ‘Lo Strozzino’ property, a hunting lodge that once belonged to a minor branch of the Strozzi family, from the Zambeccari Marquises. The conversion of the building into a villa and the laying out of the surrounding park to create a luxurious noble residence equal to the prestige of Florence, newly capital of the new Kingdom of Italy, was entrusted by Giuseppe Fabricotti to the Modenese architect Vincenzo Micheli.

Situated on the crest of the hill, the entire composition is collocated on a central axis that is articulated in three terraces with corresponding ramps leading up to the villa from the bottom. The villa, with its new Brunelleschi-style crenellated tower surrounded by level lawns, dominates the composition.
Uphill from the villa is a lawn with a small round gazebo with columns and a cupola, and a small neoclassical temple.

The entire composition is surrounded by masses of luxuriant vegetation. The dark color of holm oaks and cypresses prevails but there are numerous other species such as horse chestnuts, palms, smoketrees, yews, pines and Judas trees.

The beauty of the villa was such that Victoria, Queen of England, chose to stay there during her visit to Florence from 15 March to 16 April 1894.

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Via Vittorio Emanuele II 64, Florence

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