The Urban Landscape of Viale dei Colli

Tessa Matteini

Exploring the hilly slopes of Oltrarno, the foothills of the Monti del Chianti, is to experience a very different dimension of the urban landscape.

Since the 1870s, visitors and Florentines have had this privilege due to the creation of a six-kilometer-long landscape walk designed to include the most attractive sights (the walled city and the valley of the Arno, the slopes cultivated with vines and olive trees, Boboli garden) and to allow contemporary flaneurs to retrace the steps of landscape artists, pilgrims and writers.

A landscape mediating between the city and its surrounding agricultural lands, Viale dei Colli spectacularly and compellingly connects a series of historical open spaces: Piazzale Michelangelo with its Rampe, the Rose and Iris Gardens, Boboli and Bobolino, up to the Scuderie at Porta Romana.

The linear park designed by Poggi with the essential support of the gardener Attilio Pucci (who carried out the work of molding the landscape and planting) integrates an ambitious visionary conception based on the experiences of European and North American capitals with a profound knowledge of and respect for the long history of the place and its existing structures and vegetation. 

The Passeggio is composed of a series of landscape episodes created by different visual and botanical environments. Variation in the tree and bush species along the road and walkways was accompanied by the creation of a sequence of themed gardens and open spaces characterized by stairs, fountains, seats and rustic grottos.

Timetable and address

Viale dei Colli, Florence

Events in the gardens

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