The Villa Bardini Gardens

Giorgio Galletti

The garden of Villa Bardini comprises two distinct areas: the area to the east is connected to the ancient Mozzi family who were the owners from the XIII century, and the area to the west, which belonged to the Manadori from the beginning of the XVII century.

In 1839 Pier Giannozzo Mozzi Del Garbo united the two properties creating the large garden that can be seen today. The complex was bought in 1913 by the antiquarian Stefano Bardini who housed his collection of antiques there. 

Upon the death of Stefano Bardini, the property was inherited by his children Emma and Ugo. When Ugo Bardini died in 1965, he left the palace, villa, park and collection to the Swiss state. In 2000, after a long and complex bureaucratic affair, the inheritance was bought by the Italian state. The garden and the villa were completely restored using funds provided by the Ente Cassa di Risparmio di Firenze, thanks to an agreement with the Italian state. Management of the work was entirely entrusted to the Bardini Peyron Foundation, which still manages the property. The architect Maria Chiara Pozzana designed the restoration project for the garden and oversaw completion of the work between 2000 and 2005.
The Bardini garden has two entrances, one from Via dei Bardi 1, the other from Costa San Giorgio. The entrance on Via dei Bardi enters onto a large avenue that winds westward uphill towards the top of the garden. 

From Terrazza della Pergola, there is a steep staircase called Barocca, because it was built at the end of the XVIII century, that rises towards the top of the hill through nine grassed terraces supported by dry stone walls. After a little square from where you can enjoy a wonderful view of Florence, you enter a pathway covered with an iron pergola on which numerous varieties of wisteria climb and that bloom spectacularly in the month of April. This Pergola dei Glicini leads to a vast terrace overlooking the Santa Croce area. The terrace is bounded to the north by a loggia inserted by Stefano Bardini between two pre-existing towers that were once used as Kaffeehauses. The eastern facade of the villa overlooks a vast plaza with a spectacular view of Florence.

Timetable and address

Costa San Giorgio 2, Florence

  • 8.45 am – 9 pm

Via dei Bardi 1r, Florence

  • 8.45 – 7.30 pm
    from June to August 30th

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