The Villa Strozzi al Boschetto Park

Anna Lambertini

Situated in the south-west of the city in the hills overlooking the Arno, the Villa Strozzi al Boschetto park landscape lies between the city’s outskirts and its nearby agricultural land. The park can be accessed by car from two roads, Via Pisana and Via di Soffiano, and on foot from a pedestrian entrance at the top where it opens onto Via di Monte Oliveto and a circuit of enjoyable hillside pathways leading to Bellosguardo, Marignolle and Soffiano.

Giuseppe Poggi designed the current layout of the park. In 1855 Ferdinando Strozzi charged him with the restoration, enlargement, and beautification of the suburban family residence which had a celebrated Mannerist park. It was Giovan Battista di Lorenzo Strozzi who in the XVI century had decided to create a place of enjoyment just outside the city walls of Florence on his property called “il Boschetto” (the Woods) or “il Castagno” (the Chestnut) because of the ancient Cafaggio woods it contained beside several fields. 

The restoration of the complex was entrusted to Poggi. It is according to his project that the existing buildings – the sixteenth-century villa, stables, gardener’s house and a chapel – were restored and transformed to correspond to the new requirements of the owners. An orangery was built to “preserve citrus fruits and flowers” that was to be “ornamental to the villa” and the park was enlarged and redesigned according to landscape garden principles.

Timetable and address

Via Pisana 77 – Via di Soffiano, Florence

  • everyday  8 am – 5 pm

Events in the garden

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